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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Sharma, Kaamya. 2020. “Hand-crafted identities: Sartorial taste and belonging amongst elite women in urban India”Journal of Material Culture. 25 (1): 60-75. 

Sharma, Kaamya. 2019. “The Orientalisation of the Sari: Sartorial Praxis and Womanhood in Colonial and Post-Colonial India”South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies. 42 (2): 219-36.

Sharma, Kaamya. 2017. “How to Dress a National Elite: The Case of the Kalakshetra Sari”International Quarterly for Asian Studies (48): 33-53. 

Refereed Book Chapters

Sharma, Kaamya and Kannan, Smruthi Bala. 2018. “On Weaving an Interschool Inclusive Event”. Inclusive Education in India: Concepts, Methods and Practice, Eds. Brahme, Milind, Babu, Suresh M. and Müller, Thomas, New Delhi: Mosaic Books.

Review Articles

Sharma, Kaamya. 2021. “Book Review: Tirthankar Roy, The Crafts and Capitalism: Handloom Weaving Industry in Colonial India”. Review of Development and Change. 26 (1): 127-29.


The Scent of Happiness: A Novel. R. Vatsala. Translated from Tamil by K. Srilata and Kaamya Sharma. (Ratna Books, New Delhi, 2021) ISBN-13:9788194756040

Media Articles

Sharma, Kaamya. 2020. “John Forbes Watson’s Devastating Catalogue of Indian Textiles”The Hindu Sunday Magazine.

Sharma, Kaamya and Srinivasan, Arvind. 2020. “Thoothukudi Custodial Deaths: A Dangerous Blind Spot”The Hindu Business Line.

Sharma, Kaamya. 2020. “The Rules of the Game: Weaving Durries in Rajasthan”Garland Magazine, World Crafts Council, Australia.